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Going Integrative Plus is a community for those interested in preventing cancer through a holistic approach or for those who wish to receive educational support during their cancer journey. Community members can talk to a top integrative expert each week and access the call replay library, transcripts, resources, studies, community discussion forum, nutrition talks and demos, recipes, product discounts, and patient advocate Q&A calls.

The cost of the one year program is $1897, with monthly and quarterly payment options available.

You can sign up for Going Integrative plus here. https://goingintegrativeplus.com

You can log in to your account by going to https://members.goingintegrativeplus.com/login. Enter your username/email and your password.

Please use the forgot password link at the bottom of the login page https://members.goingintegrativeplus.com. If your email exists in our database, you will receive an email from Going Integrative with a password recovery link within a few minutes.

First, verify you are using the same email address you used to sign up for your Going Integrative account.  Then, check your spam and junk folders for an email from Going Integrative. If you still do not see an email to reset your password, contact us at [email protected]

You will receive weekly call announcements at the email you used to register for the program. If you do not receive weekly call announcements, please contact us at [email protected]

Here’s our Worry-Free Promise- If you are not completely satisfied within your first 30 days of membership, you may request a refund of the first month’s fee. Cancel at any time going forward. Please notify us at [email protected] if you wish to cancel your membership. Unsubscribing from the email list does not cancel your monthly subscription fee.

Just write in to [email protected] and let us know you changed your mind!

You must email us if you would like to cancel your membership at [email protected].  Unsubscribing to our email list DOES NOT cancel your membership subscription or fees.

Post your questions directly in the chat box as you think of them once on the zoom call! Please type the word “ONE” before typing your first question, and enter the question, then type “TWO” before your second question and enter, etc. This allows us to make sure everyone gets an even number of questions answered (so your most important questions should be first!).

Also, to maximize the value you get from these calls, set aside ten minutes before the call to take inventory of your week and make sure you know what the most important things you need to get figured out are going into the call!

Making a note to yourself every time something comes up throughout the week to review during this time is ideal. 🙂

Please log into your membership portal at https://members.goingintegrativeplus.com and navigate to the Call Replay Section.

In the Call Replay Section of you member portal (post link here) look below the video to the right. There is a section labeled Downloads. If you do not see a PDF transcript, please be patient. It can take up to 2 weeks for transcripts to be posted because of the detailed medical terminology and many resources mentioned in our calls.

There is a search bar at the top of each of your products (Call Replays, Nutrition, Community, etc). Type your key words in the search bar and the system will reference calls that mention the topic or discussion posts if you are searching on the community page.

Many of the doctors and experts we feature on the weekly calls accept patients and clients remotely. You can find their contact information at the end of the Call Replay videos, at the bottom of the transcripts in the Call Replay section, and on the weekly call announcements delivered each week to your inbox.

First, please check your spam or junk folder. Second, add  to your address book or contact list. Third, follow the instructions here to white list the  address. Finally, please contact us at  if none of these methods is successful.

Going Integrative Plus is a monthly membership community for those interested in cancer prevention education or those who need support on their integrative, holistic cancer journey. Community members can talk to a top integrative expert each week and have access to the full call replay library, transcripts, community discussion forum, nutrition talks and demos, product discounts and patient advocate Q&A calls. Most members register for Going Integrative after attending a complimentary (free) call. Find out more about Going Integrative at https://goingintegrativeplus.com or contact us at [email protected] for questions or to cancel a membership.

Occasionally, we offer a “sneak peak” of our program through a complimentary call for those who would like to get a taste of our community. You can register to attend a free Q&A call here.

We love hearing from you! If you’d like to share how Going Integrative has benefited you or your loved one, or have a suggestion, please drop us a line at [email protected].

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